Monday, January 9, 2012


I love the color yellow.  Just reading the name brightens my insides.  It is sunshine, new beginnings, friendship roses, the color of my favorite shirt in my closet and my favorite song by Coldplay.  It is my bad days turned inside out by grace. Yellow is hope, bright and brilliant. It sounds a Southern word to me...a bellowing hello, beside a stream full of trout, got caught in the wind and became new.

I just wrote lots of words under these about my gray Monday.  Grey is a great color for a scarf but an awful color for a day.  I am deleting all those words now.  I got them out and light came into my soul.

I turned my day yellow.   You should do the same.  Dump the gray dreary weary can choose whatever color you want it to be.  Choose well.

One of my favorite yellow things, just for you.


Jason Frank said...

Love it. Yellow happens to be my favorite color

valeriedml said...

Thank you Jason! Yes, my favorite too. :)

Cassidy Whitehead said...

Wow that was beautiful. Lately in family things have been very sad. Just reading that made me feel happy. I have not been for a very long time so thank you. Thank you so much. God bless you. P.S. my favorite color is yellow to. :)

Valerie Lumsden said...

Thank you Cassidy! I am sorry things have been difficult and sad in your family. I will pray for you, if that is alright. I hope you have a good Friday, and great weekend! God Bless you also. :)

Anonymous said...

We also like yellow