Friday, October 12, 2012

Mourning Jessica.

Here in Colorado we are heart-broken and in shock. 

Yet again. 

What a year this has been for the people of this beautiful and rugged place we call home. 

We, as a state, have been holding our breath since last Friday night, when the Amber Alert was first issued for lost little Jessica Ridgeway.  We prayed and searched all week, while holding our children closer.  Cried.  Pleaded with God and rescue teams for answers...along with the rest of the country, as the news and search went national.  Tried to hold on to hope. 

Jessica became our entire country's lost little girl this week. 

And at 4pm Mountain Standard Time, we got the answer. 

Now we are left trying to process this senselessness, horrific act...the same as we were on July 21st.

Tonight we mourn.

Onnie, our our fourteen year old daughter, made this video on Wednesday night.  I believe it is a beautiful tribute which fits even more now.

Praying, dear readers.

(Please excuse the sideways-ness of the video...if you view it from a smartphone, the image should adjust for you.)