Wednesday, February 16, 2011

on writing TODAY...


This is how I feel inside when I feel the need to write, the deep unsatisfied feeling that there are words inside of me clawing their way to the surface, but getting plain stuck somewhere along the way.

Double gah!

It is novel writing time today. I dug the very unfinished, barely began, Great American novel with a spiritual slant, out of the depths of my hard drive a little while ago. I had that restless feeling in my gut this morning that always means one thing...I am procrastinating on something. I am a world class procrastinator. And a very honest one too.

Sometimes the feeling comes across as a craving for something. I will raid the kitchen cabinets and nothing looks appetizing. Then I will see my Bible and it will hit the ravaneous spot. Those times I am craving Jesus and haven't been getting my fill.

Other times, it is a nutrient issue. I have been putting off eating my veggies and my body is desparately craving some fiber. Yes, I mentioned honest, didn't I? :)

I will get the feeling when I am putting off making an important decision, phone call, and things of that sort. But the absolute worst is when I have not been writing.

I will dream about my characters. And they are always pissed off at me. Sometimes they chase me or try to throw me in a river. But their message is always the same:


Okay, okay. Geesh. I am giving you all some time today.

Having plot issues today. I have some characters I like. Too many characters though. Can't decide on my main setting. I have 5 characters at an airport just hanging out because I can't figure out where to send them or what they are supposed to be doing. I have a madman...well, because every good story has a madman of some sort.


It just hit me I am writing a blog about my frustration over not having anything to write in my novel.

I guess I should be glad I am writing at all.

Okay...glad me.

Maybe I should have someone throw a Jamba Juice wheatgrass shake. That would get the action going.

And what a lovely visual with all that green.

Have a good day all.