Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blowing up Blogs...

Today's plans got crashed. So I am going to write a little. Or a lot. Haven't decided yet.

I have been anxious lately and not completely sure why. After stewing, thinking until my brain started making strange popping noises, and then finally praying...I know, silly me, pray first Val...I have let go of all the stuff I can't control and realized that wasn't what was causing the anxiety. Hmm. By the way, is "hmm" considered a complete sentence? And that's when it hit me! Bam! Pow!

This anxiety is actually excitement!

Surely you have confused the two emotions before too, right? Anyone?

I am so excited about my future in writing I want to burst into a million particles of sunshine!

(And come up with better metaphors. )

I shouldn't be sharing this info with you, because then you will know all my secrets and think I am a sham, but I must tell someone. I have been studying up on BETTER BLOGGING! We went to Barnes and Noble last weekend, saw several new and amazing books on blogging- Mom Blogging for Dummies...wait, did that book just insult me?...and Power Blogs, How to Make Ten Zillion People Read your Blog and Love it! Ok, I made up that last title, but this was some seriously good stuff. However, I didn't really want to spend 60 bucks on books. So we headed over to the library, realized the library didn't even CARRY the new fancy blogging books, and found slightly less spectacularly titled, but equally useful books on successful blogging. Pretty soon my blog is going to be so amazing you are going to be waking up at 2am just to check for new posts. I have faith.

Until next time dear reader. And thank you for hanging in here all this time while my blog has been somewhat mediocre. You are the best. :)

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