Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making up words and wanting to change the world...

Just wrote four paragraphs and balled them up and threw them in the "recycle bin". They were crap. The stuff I write when I want to write but don't know how to be real with my feelings. I would feel worse about cutting them if they had been hard-won. They were easy fluffy patheticness. Just like that last word I think I made up.

Truth- sometimes I feel I must write but know I do not have anything earth-shatteringly important to say. So I throw down trivial words until the urge passes. I do not give real effort. And I will usually toss the writing out as quickly as possible after the fact.

Do you ever do that?

Not with writing perhaps, but do you have times when you feel there is something you must do...exercise, reach out to that person who hurts you, go for that job promotion, save orphans, whatever...and you find yourself only giving half effort or maybe even giving 1% effort?

I just googled the phrase, "famous lazy people" because I really wanted that last sentence to end with an appropriate and witty example of an instantly recognizable historic slacker. I learned that Hitler was said to have been very lazy. With all the horrors he inflicted, I am very glad he never achieved his full productive potential. But the number one quote I saw on my Google search was "You don't become famous by being lazy."

Wow! Pow! Kaboom!

(Sorry, I am re-reading Stephen King's On Writing and I couldn't resist.)

That's a pretty hardcore quote though. And seriously true. I don't know that I want to become famous. Although I guess if I did then perhaps it would mean I am a good writer and I do want to be one of those. Regardless of the answer to the famous part, I do want to make a difference. We all do, yes? Where does that start? It begins at the fluffy patheticness. That is an inception.

You feel you must show up. So you do. You give your one percent. The process is under way. Pat yourself on the back for the small first step. Then push harder. Do not let yourself be okay with that crappy minuscule effort. Do more. It is only by each day's bit of work that we will change the world. Who's gonna change with world if we don't? The lazy Hitlers will.

In case you missed this gigantic glaring point during reading, it is me I am talking to here. Keep writing crap Val. But stop settling with putting down words just to get them down. Make the words beautiful and be resolute in being real. I know my calling. I encourage you with pumped fists to step out into yours. You know what it is already. Almost all of you do anyway. Give your 1% tomorrow if that is all you can muster. But give 20 the next day. Do this with me. And tell me about it please. Comment and tell me what you are going to do. Let's push each other, okay? Can't wait to see what is going to come of this.

Peace dear readers. Sleep deep.

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clere said...

When we prayed on Sunday - I hadn't read this yet. WOW - so cool how God works. I hope you obsorb the words He had for you. Love you!