Friday, September 8, 2017

Faithful Fridays.

I'm taking a cue from Donald Miller this morning- He wrote this- "You Don't Have to Make Your Bed to Write Your Book."

Clearly, I agree today:

Exhibit A

(Don't judge the dinosaur- that's Flynn. I'll tell about him another day...)

Back to the bigger point- Donald Miller doesn't care what our beds look like. His wise perspective is to not let the daily grind pull you away from your calling. The dishes...unmade bed...and for me and my job, the unshelved library books...will always be there. Tend to your calling. Go read the article after you finish here- it's good.

So I am writing this morning. Even though there is homework, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, errands...and clearly, unmade beds...which need my attention. Because I must tell you what's burning on my heart this morning:  

I am nearly struck dumb by God's faithfulness. His provision, answered prayers, protection, is all too beautiful and real for my heart to contain today. My words are pitiful and disjointed, they can't contain His greatness.  

So I'm starting a new post series on here- Faithful Fridays. Each week I'm going to share some way in which God has answered a prayer, provided for us, or just sent encouragement along the journey. Friday is a good day to share joy in how we've made it through the week, yes?

This is important. Pay close attention to this next part..

If you are believing for the impossible right now- take heart and believe. Let this series encourage you. He does the impossible.


Right this moment He is working and orchestrating on your behalf. Waiting is the hard part. But wait and believe. I will believe with you. I hope this space will grow to not only share my stories, but yours as well.   

Let's do this.

Since my facebook memories reminded me of Jon Egan this morning, let's start with a song...

This song is kind of the anthem for our family. We were lucky enough to be in that room when this was filmed at Desperation Conference in 2014. It was just as powerful and beautiful as it appears. And true. 

Six months later, Onnie was doing worship for youth group at Denver United when she heard God speak to her heart: 
"Go to Lebanon." 

Thunder, lightning bolts, flames engulfing the room!

Actually, that wasn't exactly the way it went. 

Here's what really happened:

Onnie looked down at her feet and heard God saying to her she was going to wear those shoes in Lebanon. They were the gold Birkenstock sandals she would always wear with colorful knee all remember the socks and sandals trend my girls started. And still wear. I would apologize to all of you for that horrendous trend, but it's kind of awesome. I digress...

She actually sent a picture of those shoes with her support letters, sharing what God had said to her.

She also heard this song in her heart: 

"Where there is no way You make a way. When no one else can reach us, You find us."

There were no resources to send her on a mission trip at that time. Ron and I had been separated for a year at that point, and our family was struggling financially in ways that are almost embarrassing now. (Ask us about our trash stories sometime.) Also, she was only 17- not even technically old enough to go on the trip without a family member. 

But she knew God had called her. And she had the faith to believe He would provide. We stood with her in faith. On the hard days. There were a lot of those. She was $1000 short on her airfare the week before the deadline. God moved on an anonymous church member's heart at DU and they gave, just days before it was due. Our family and friends supported her- even those who aren't believers. 

Did you catch that? 

Our loved ones who don't believe in God supported Onnie's trip because they love her and believe in her. They didn't understand why she would go to the Middle East, especially as a 17 year old. The Syrian refugee crisis wasn't at the forefront of the news then. But they understood what's traditionally been known of the region- it can be dangerous.  

And the question I got the most:

"How can you let your daughter go there?!?!?"  

Well, you see, I did research. I weighed pros and cons. But in the end, I'm a faith girl. God told her she was going. I BELIEVED God told her that. Who was I to argue her safety with the Creator of the Heavens? Honestly. I knew if God called her then He would protect her.  

She went.  And He did.  

That last picture is the morning she got back home to Denver. She'd been awake for 24 hours at that point. Exhausted. But can you see her joy? 

He is faithful.  

Peace, readers. 

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