Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sixteen candles.

Rhiannon Skye celebrated her 16th birthday on October 26th. How can my brown eyed girl be sixteen???  It doesn't so much make me feel old as baffles my mind.  Since my words will never be adequate to describe her beauty grace intelligence faith self-respect talent wisdom...all that she is... here are some snapshots of her during the weeks leading up to her birthday, and her special day.  May they do what my words can't.  Enjoy.

Onnie's make-up creation for Frankenstein at EagleCrest High School
State Drama Winner for Thespian Conference 2013!

Onnie working hard as Opinions Editor for The Eagle Eye,
Eaglecrest High School Newspaper

Onnie, Homecoming Dance 2013

Night before her birthday, rocking out to her favorite song.

Sweet Sixteen
She had a breakfast party of biscuits, bacon, Boo Berry cereal, and Cherry Pie.

Her favorite song, as witnessed in the rocking out picture above...acoustic style.
Anna Sun, by Walk the Moon

I love you, my amazing girl.


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