Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013. The year of the Wait.

I usually write a New Years' type blog post.  I haven't written much in past few months...been very busy with work, family, health issues and just living.  Good busyness.  But my soul still yearns to express itself to you through the written word.  So, a few days late, but here's my thoughts on 2013...

It's gonna be a year of preparation for...

I honestly have no idea what for.  But I know it is. 

I've got work to do this year.  I've become undisciplined in some areas of my life.  Lazy in my thinking, words and doing.  No one likes admitting failures and weaknesses, but I've got some.  I feel compelled to work on those this year. 

Something is coming in 2014...for me...for Ron...for our family.  I feel deep within my soul 2013 is the year to prepare for it.  I feel there are several areas to focus on, but I won't bore you with them now.  

However, preparation isn't always active.  It also means being still and silent.  Listening.  To your soul.  To those deep and quiet things inside of you...put there for a reason and a purpose.

For your purpose. 

Listening to God, the Creator and Lover of your Soul.

I am preparing.  But more importantly

I am waiting. 

This song sums it up well. It is my Song of 2013.  I hope you aren't sick of all my Mumford song postings, but I love these guys...their writing, playing.  Their passion.  This song speaks to me.  Red Rocks...about 4 months ago...



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